Stuffed Squash

Posted by Lindsay Girvan on

You will need:  a small potimaron (pumpkin), onions, mushrooms, olive oil, butter, fresh or dried thyme, salt, pepper, crème fraiche, stock (or wine!), some grated cheese

 What to do: Wash and dry your wee pumpkin. Cut around the stem and scoop out the insides (like at Hallowe’en) Make sure you leave a good solid wall of pumpkin inside.

Chop up your mushrooms and fry in some butter and olive oil. Pop them aside. Then finely chop your onions and fry in butter and oil, then add thyme salt and pepper.

Cook until golden and add the mushrooms. Add a small amount of wine or stock and allow to thicken. Then add crème fraiche and grated cheese until it’s a gorgeous creamy sauce.

Add your salt and pepper at this point and avoid the temptation to just eat it all on some toast!!

Fill up your pumpkin and pop it’s wee lid on, put it in the oven under the pumpkin is tender (depending on size of pumpkin 40 mins+)

Gorgeous with a fresh salad with Lindsay’s vinaigrette!

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