Grow Wild

Grow Wild

Grow Wild brings fresh organic produce to customers embracing a sustainable, organic and natural lifestyle via their farm shop and deliveries.  The regenerative agricultural practices employed on the farm use a combination of techniques – starting with the soil health all the way to distributing the end-product and do so much more along the focussed but meandering journey.

To this end, we go beyond organic with our organically certified fruit and vegetable production as an element of what we do here on the family farm of 285 acres.  Grow Wild was one of the pioneers of a handful of Scottish organic box schemes back in the 1990s and continues to distribute tons of homegrown organic produce weekly. Our own Bonnytoun grown organic produce, together with wonderful organics from other local growers and from further afield is distributed to our local community using electric vans – powered by nature. Grow Wild has been certified by the Soil Association since 1998, and Bonnytoun Farm from 2013.

We grow green manure on the farm for soil health, do not use animal manure on our organic fields, we have used no-till methods for years, have created wading bird areas, annually plant wildflower strips and fields, have created ponds and have planted hedges for wildlife corridors to re-establish a balanced wildlife ecology on the farm. We manage our farm in a practical yet holistic way contributing to mitigating climate change by trapping atmospheric carbon dioxide into the soil through cultivation and growing using all natural technologies.

Over the last 20+ years, Grow Wild has worked closely with local organic growers and suppliers to offer a fantastic range of produce weekly to the local community.

Grow Wild is owned by Lindsay Girvan who was brought up on fantastic home-cooked real food and healthy whole foods. Good natural food, a love of great tasting ingredients, a concern for environmental issues, and a desire to offer a service that she herself would want to use led to the establishment of Grow Wild.

In 2016, Grow Wild moved to Bonnytoun Farm, to a new building that hosts the Farm Shop, the packing area, loading bay, cold store and office. In 2013, Bonnytoun Farm received its organic license from the Soil Assoociation and continued to add further land into organic conversion over the next few years. Today, Bonnytoun Farm has around 50 acres of organically certified land and seasonally can produce 80% of the veg delivered by Grow Wild.

Grow Wild´s core product for home delivery is an assorted and seasonal box of fruit and veg of various sizes and types to suit every household and lifestyle.

Following sustainable principles, packaging is minimal and recycling encouraged as organic fruit and veg are packed in re-usable boxes made from 100% recycled material and customers return boxes for reuse. Fresh waste is minimal, but what is generated, is picked up by a local organic grower and used for pig feed and compost. 



Hen's Egg - Macleod Organics

Milk - Graham's Dairy

Duck's Egg - Rab Watson

Onions, carrots, potatoes, etc. - Graham Elder

Milk in glass bottles - Mossgiel Organic Farm

Fruit & Veggies and Lamb - Bonnytoun Farm

Mushrooms - Orchard Organics

Lovely Salad Bags - Glebelands Organic Produce

All sorts - Strawberry Fields

Apples and Pears - ID Pardoe

UK Aubergine - Haslum and Sons

UK Squash and Pumpkins - Bedlam Farms

Green Beans - James Foskett

Tomatoes - The Tomato Stall