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About Grow Wild

GROW WILD goes beyond organic with our fruit and vegetable production as an element of what we do here on the family farm of 285 acres, embracing a range of regenerative agricultural practices. Grow Wild was one of a handful of Scottish organic box schemes back in the 1990s and distributed over a thousand tons of homegrown organic produce weekly to customers embracing a sustainable, organic and natural lifestyle. Our own Bonnytoun grown organic produce, together with organics from other local growers and from further afield is available in our ever growing Farm Shop as always. We use our electric vans - powered by nature - for tootling about on our organic business. The farm is powered almost solely by solar energy. Grow Wild has been certified by the Soil Association since 1998, and Bonnytoun Farm from 2013.

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Following the seasons on the farm, we meander our way through the year with tried-and-tested and experimental recipes. Happy culinary creating and eating.


Monthly Newsletter. Farm Diary. Wild Events. Delve into our philisophy and ethics, farming practices, regenerative farming principles, what's been happening on the farm, information about our suppliers, our team, our foodie chat!


Meet our amazing, multi-skilled, super-talented, creative, hardworking, funny, dedicated team members. There is an amazing amount of work involved in getting our organics from the farm to our customers. Bravo team!