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Grow Wild ́s core product for home delivery is an assorted and seasonal box of fruit and veg of various sizes and types to suit every household and lifestyle with the option of adding anything you might find in a mini-hippie-supermarket. This doesn't mean you can't order anything else from the online shop...Please have a look. There is so much more to choose from too.

Following sustainable principles, packaging is minimal, and recycling encouraged as organic fruit and veg are packed in compostable bags, leaves wrapped in paper, and re-usable boxes made from 100% recyclable material. Customers return boxes for reuse. Fresh waste is minimal, but what is generated, is composted on the farm, or picked up by a local grower and used for pig feed and compost.

You aren't tied into anything if you don't want to be.

Sign up for a local veg box today! You can choose your box type, and chose your frequency of having your organics dropped at your door (this might be a one-off delivery, ad hoc, a weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly). Get the ball rolling today ... You can choose an assorted or seasonal box, produce by the kg or item, general groceries or a Bonnytoun lamb box!


Our FAQ section should address any questions you may have, but if you are still left wondering, please give us a call on 01506 847 690

Alternatively, visit our beautiful
farm on the banks of Linlithgow Loch, where you will find organic produce in
abundance…we have bountiful veg from our organic field over the road, and
apples of all sorts of varieties from the organic orchard (when in season of
course!) ....no mystery to the provenance of our produce. We
would love to show you what's growing on the farm...