Bonnytoun Half Lamb
Bonnytoun Half Lamb
Bonnytoun Half Lamb
Bonnytoun Half Lamb

Bonnytoun Half Lamb

£110.00 Sale Save

If you would like to book one,  half lambs will be available FOR EASTER  when it can be picked up from the farm shop or sent out to you!

Call us on 01506 847 690 or email Yvonne at for more information.

Bonnytoun Half lambs actually come in a bag these days!

We have an on-farm butchery, have home-grown lambs, and can once again offer Half Lambs for sale. All cuts are fresh, labelled and vac-packed ready to freeze or use.

All our lambs are born and reared on the farm on clean grass. They are treated with respect, are checked daily and are truly free roaming on our large fields. The super-tender meat is second-to-none offering terrific flavour and is butchered using traditional methods to create cuts, joints, and products for all types of cooking.

We will be offering half lambs at various times of the year and will advise once prepared which breeds we have available.

What you get in a half lamb bag: £110

Some printed recipe ideas

Rack of 6-7 ribs (or made into chops if preferred)


Leg (bone in) for roasting to feed approx. 4

Shoulder (bone in)

Lamb shanks x 2

Diced lamb if there is enough meat available to dice (the smaller animals tend not to allow for diced)

Minced lamb (could be approx. 3 x 250g-300g packs)

1 kidney and liver as available

A pack of liver as available

Lamb neck for a slow cook stew

Bones for broth


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