Bumper Organic Banquet Box

Bumper Organic Banquet Box

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All the essential veg you might need for your festive feast for 12+ people with lots of
leftovers or 14-16 people.

Each box (or sack) is crammed with organic veg either grown and harvested on our own farm, or sourced from our dependable farmers and suppliers working with integrity, with respect for the land and people.

Only available to pre-order for collection or delivery from 20th December - 23rd December

Will contain:

5kg of all purpose potatoes
14 x onions
15 x carrots
10 x parsnips
2 x red cabbage
4 stalks of Brussels sprouts
4 x leeks
3 bulbs of garlic
2 x swede
2 x Savoy or January King Cabbage
2 x cauliflower
500g of Chestnuts
1 bunch of Herbs
6 x Shallots
2 x cooking apples
3 lemons

organic and vegan